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Hyundai and Apple Team Up For One Very Futuristic Innovation

Imagine controlling your car with your wristwatch, speaking into it or tapping its face to make your car's engine start. Sounds like something from the future, or at the very least a James Bond movie. But believe it or not, this is actually a very real, very current innovation from our favorite automotive brand: Hyundai.

Hyundai owners in the Jamaica, Queens area and beyond can now remotely flash their car's lights in a crowed parking lot, lock the doors, and even start it from just about anywhere, all with the touch of their wrist using the new Blue Link app for Apple watch.

In the era in which connectivity reigns supreme, it's really not all that surprising that Hyundai would team up with one of the most forward-thinking companies out there to give Hyundai customers more ways to connect with their automobiles with ease.

The Apple Watch is compatible with First and Second Generation Blue Link Equipped Hyundai models. For more details, visit us here at Nemet Hyundai today!