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Confidently Embrace the New Year with Timely Service from Nemet Hyundai

With 2017 on its way, many drivers throughout the areas of Queens, Jamaica, Brooklyn, Long Island, and beyond are looking forward to the opportunities and excitement provided by the new year. While many drivers are surely dreaming of ways to kick the year off right, here at Nemet Hyundaiwe think one of the best ways is also one of the simplest; reliable automotive service to get your vehicle in its best condition for the future. With our talented auto service experts, ensuring your vehicle is operating at its best will be easily taken care of, and you can embrace the arrival of 2017 with unparalleled confidence.

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Hyundai Doubles its Military Incentive this Weekend in Honor of Memorial Day

In the midst of all of the excitement surrounding the long holiday weekend--an extra day out of the office, time spent with friends and loved ones, barbequing and kicking off the summer once and for all--it can be easy to get swept up in the fun and lose sight of what Memorial Day is really all about. It's a time to honor and pay homage to active and retires military personnel, as well as those veterans of years passed who may or may not still be with us. It's a time for us to reflect about this most selfless sacrifice made by so many brave men and women who dedicate their lives to fighting for our right to freedom.

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Transition from City to Rural Driving Seamlessly in the New Santa Fe

Much as we love the city, we think it is important for all urban dwellers to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city-living and take the time to reconnect with the natural world. That being said, picking up and getting out of dodge at a moment's notice just isn't in the cards for everyone. But, if your vehicle of choice is the Hyundai Santa Fe, we think you'll agree that flipping the switch from city driving to cruising down wide open roads is as easy as can be.

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Finding Adventure is a Cinch in the New Hyundai Tucson

You say the same thing every year: "new year, new you." But how often do we actually follow through on our New Year's resolutions? For most of us, by the time March comes around, our goals have long been abandoned and our old habits have infiltrated their way back into our daily lives.

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Hyundai and Apple Team Up For One Very Futuristic Innovation

Imagine controlling your car with your wristwatch, speaking into it or tapping its face to make your car's engine start. Sounds like something from the future, or at the very least a James Bond movie. But believe it or not, this is actually a very real, very current innovation from our favorite automotive brand: Hyundai.

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When it Comes to the 2015 Hyundai Sonata, Words Just Won’t Do

Here on our Nemet Hyundai blog, we try to keep our readers in the Brooklyn, Long Island, and Queensarea apprized when it comes to relevant automotive related news big and small. When a new model comes out or a redesign is garnering lots of buzz in the industry, we want to let our loyal customers know about it.

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Find Exactly What You’re Looking For Thanks to Hyundai Blue Link®

Whether you're new to the Jamaica, Queens, Brooklyn, or Long Island area and are making a go of it in a new city, or you've lived here for years and want to scope out some new spots, Hyundai has got you covered thanks to Hyundai Blue Link®. Find exactly what you're looking for with this easy-to-use Destination Search powered by Google.

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